Matcha Focus Bundle
Matcha Focus Bundle
Matcha Focus Bundle
Matcha Focus Bundle

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Matcha Focus Bundle

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16 + 1 Bottles (330ml).

2,49 € per Bottle


✓ Long lasting caffeine

🌱 Full of natural caffeine - 48.8mg per bottle

🍵 Best Japanese Matcha & Moringa

🛡️ Rich in antioxidants

Our Better-For-You Matcha-Oat is designed to boost your overall wellbeing, give you energy for the day without the familiar caffeine crash of energy drinks, and all with a super delicious taste!

As a little goodie, we're adding 1x free Chai Almond - our vegan Chai Latte with Maca - to the discount of more than 10%.

✓ Long-lasting caffeine - 48.8mg per bottle

✓ Rich in antioxidants

✓ No added sugar + 100% organic & vegan

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your benefits

How our MATCHA + Moringa & Ginger helps your body:

Better Energy - Experience a sustained and balanced energy boost without the caffeine crashes that can occur with other caffeinated drinks. Our Matcha Oat keeps you focused and energised throughout the day. Boosted Immune System: Strengthen your immune system with the abundance of antioxidants in our Matcha Oat. Find mental clarity and improved focus from the unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine found in matcha. Experience enhanced cognitive performance and increased productivity. Detox - Matcha's natural detoxifying properties help eliminate toxins and support your body's natural detoxification processes, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

functional superfoods

We let our customers speak for us

Alexander (32)


I discovered the drinks at REWE and am totally thrilled. I think all the flavours are great, but I like the chai best.

Tosca (29)


The best plant milk drinks I know. All varieties with great ingredients & above all not so unnecessarily sweet. Therefore also good for the start of the day.

Petra (31)


I got a bottle of the matcha with my order to try & fell in love! I finally found my to-go coffee substitute that is delicious and wakes me up.

Luisa (27)


You can absolutely see the sustainable & ecological aspect of the drinks, they come in returnable bottles & the concept of Plant Magic seems very honest, authentic & transparent to me.

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